ASCEND Yoga offers a full schedule of varied yoga classes and workshops led by experienced and dedicated teachers. All classes will help students develop, maintain, and progress their yoga and meditation practice, while focusing on proper alignment and form. By specializing in a wide range of styles - FlowAlign, YinyasaRestore, Kinstretch ® Functional Mobility, Inversions, and Acro - ASCEND Yoga is truly for everyone. To get started, register online through the calendar below. To stay inspired, follow us on Instagram.


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A Day Pass at ASCEND includes unlimited climbing, use of our fitness equipment, and one class - yoga or fitness - which is obviously pretty awesome. If you're a Basic Member, drop in for $6. Better yet, go get yourself a Premium Membership for unlimited climbing, fitness, and yoga classes, along with some pretty awesome perks.

Book online or stop at the front desk to register - classes operate on a first come first serve basis, so get in early and feel great later. Mats and props are available for borrowing, and also for purchase in our retail shop. You must be 14 or older to participate in regularly scheduled yoga classes.

Big Free Yoga

Each month, ASCEND hosts a large-scale, community yoga class in the main climbing area called Big Free Yoga (BFY). The energy is truly inspiring and there's no better way to start your weekend! BFY is also a great way to give ASCEND's yoga teachers the spotlight (#teacherfeature) and provide you with unique experiences. Basically, BFY is awesome and you should come. Here's what you need to know:

WHAT: A BIG FREE YOGA class! Bring a mat and a friend! To save time, please be sure you sign your waiver online before you arrive (you only have to do this your first visit): https://www.ascendpgh.com/waiver

WHERE: ASCEND’s Bouldering Area

WHEN: 8:30a - 9:30a | Doors open at 8a | Doors will lock promptly at 8:30a

BONUS: Stay & Climb for only $10. Rental shoes and chalk are on the house if it's your first visit, otherwise it's just $4 for shoes and $1 for chalk!

DONATIONS ENCOURAGED: A portion of the proceeds will go to the following charities: Southwestern Pennsylvania Climbers Coalition | Access Fund | Prison Yoga Project | Pittsburgh Yoga Collective


  • Saturday, May 12 w/ Levi Redcross
  • Saturday, June 9 w/ Lee Rihtarchik
  • Saturday, July 14 w/ Joanna Studeny
  • Saturday, August 11 w/ Gemma DiRenna
  • Saturday, September 8 w/ TBD
  • Saturday, October 13 w/ TBD
  • Saturday, November 10 w/ TBD
  • Saturday, December 8 w/ TBD

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Yoga Workshops

Sometimes you need to take time outside of a class to hone in on the nuances of your practice. Taught by experts, ASCEND Yoga Workshops examine specific topics, poses, and forms in incredible detail and cater to aspiring and accomlished yogis. 


  • Saturday, June 23 - Accessing Functional Strength w/ Levi Redcross - REGISTER HERE

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Alyssa Kuzins

Alyssa (RYT 200) discovered yoga in college, but did not practice it seriously until the summer immediately following graduation. Her first yoga class was at an Iyengar studio where she learned the importance of alignment before she ventured into heated Vinyasa for a more vigorous practice and fell in love. She has taken workshops with international yogis and most recently trained at the renowned Asheville Yoga Center learning Kundalini Yoga. In Alyssa's Flow classes, we connect breath to movement and activate the whole body as we move energy around us. She believes that powerful inner and outer strength is best built with creative, mindful body movements that include holding + flowing the postures, with the breath acting as a major tool to keep you safe, present, and connected. You can check out Alyssa’s IG @sunflowergirlie

Cara Bessko

Cara has been teaching consistently for thirteen years, studying inside various schools with many mentors. Her foundation comes from a heavy focus on anatomy, somatics, and trauma informed work. Working with professional athletes has given her an even deeper appreciation of what the human body is capable of, especially when combining mental balance along with the physical. Cara allows the practice to meet you where you are. All are welcome, all ways and always. You can check out Cara's IG @cara.pgh.yoga

Cassie Maloney

Cassie loves practicing and teaching movement arts in Pittsburgh and around the country! The quiet pull of the Alexander Technique and the challenge of slackline yoga were the beginnings of her addiction to proper body mechanics and introspective movement. Cassie hopes to bring creativity, healing, and supported boundary-pushing to her students. She is passionate about helping others achieve the things they never believed possible! Find her thoughts, adventures, and doodles on Instagram as @usernamecassie

Clayton Weakley

Clayton is a lifelong student of the body and the mind, and encourages others to be students of their own bodies as well. After working a desk job for years, he realized how sitting all day can destroy the lower back, hips, and neck. Over the last 10 years, he has passionately devoted himself to learning how to heal his low back pain and sciatica through yoga and mindfulness. Most recently, Clayton has incorporated Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Yoga Tune Up (R) and self-myofascial release to help facilitate the healing process, and increase mobility and useable range of motion. Clayton went to Pitt for his Master's in Exercise Physiology. For more of his personal yoga and climbing practice, check out his IG @zen.punk

Gemma DiRenna

Gemma DiRenna, RYT-200, believes that the practice of yoga is for every body of every age, shape, and ability. Gemma came to the mat in 2006 for a college Hatha course and has since been growing her practice in Hatha, Vinyasa, and restorative formats both at home and under the training of many wonderful teachers in the US and India. A past dance fitness and Spin instructor, Gemma teaches classes that are challenging, balanced and alignment-oriented, and are appropriate for most levels. As a teacher and guide Gemma wishes to nurture and humbly encourage students as they come to their own individual understanding of what joy, peace, and health the path of yoga can provide for them. Follow her around on IG @ohyobo

Joanna Studeny

First led to yoga through her college meditation studies, almost two decades later Joanna still finds yoga to be the best way to understand ones true self. While Joanna's classes can be physically challenging, she urges the use of breathe as a guide to finding softness within our poses and our thoughts. A climber and fitness enthusiast herself, she also brings to her classes the knowledge she gained teaching yoga in Colorado where she worked primarily with athletes, helping them relax overused muscles as well as competitive motivations. She completed her 200 hour training through Core Power Yoga in 2009, the same year she graduated from law school. Joanna is forever grateful for her journey from office life to full-time yoga life and managing the yoga program at ASCEND. You can check out Joanna's website and IG @jogayoga

Lauren Verzilli

Lauren continually surrenders to a life that is filled with unconditional love, fun, laughter, family, friends, knowledge, grace, the teachings and the practice of yoga, time well spent, meaningful connections/relationships, vitality and endless opportunity. Lauren’s first yoga experience in 2008 was uncomfortable, foreign, but also pleasantly indescribable. It has been said you’ve got to lose your mind to find your heart so she returned back to her mat in 2009 when she knew she needed something. She began meditating. Meditation inspired breath work, breath work inspired the physical practice. The physical practice inspired love; love inspired the desire to share. Lauren began teaching in 2011, she completed her 200-RYT through Studio Oxygen in Canfield, OH. Although she was trained Baptiste Power, she integrates her interest of psychology, psychophysiology, Buddhism, self-discovery and life’s questions and offerings into her classes. You can expect a challenging, awareness-provoking, powerfully peaceful experience. Lauren also holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Anthropology from Youngstown State University. You can check out Lauren’s IG @lauren_verzilli

Lee Rihtarchik

Lee became a student of yoga nearly a decade ago when a college friend first introduced him to the warrior series. He was immediately drawn in by the power of the poses and the mental agility that a yoga practice cultivates, and he quickly began a formal practice. Lee became a teacher in 2015 to share his passion, and he has been teaching in and around the Burgh ever since. In class, Lee embraces a focus on breath and creates an energetic atmosphere in which you can safely challenge yourself both physically and mentally. Expect good music and a good workout, as his ultimate goal is to help each student discover the strength within themselves in a welcoming environment. You can check out Lee’s IG @omie_lee

Levi Redcross

Levi Bastian Redcross first found yoga at a Bikram studio during his years as a student in college. In his very first class, he found that he was unable to touch his toes, control his breath, and stand on one foot for longer than a few seconds. Instead of finding defeat, Levi found fascination in his shortcomings. He began practicing regularly and researching more about yoga. When Levi was unable to make it to a studio, he would learn yoga from books that would teach him how to stand, breath, and think more efficiently. Books became his gateway to all different forms of yoga including Hatha, Iyengar, and Pranayama. This is how Levi developed his home practice. After practicing at home for quite some time, Levi sought out a proper yoga studio. He loved the student teacher dynamic that all studios had, but missed the demanding quality of Bikram. Eventually he found Ashtanga. The perfect mix of a demanding asana practice with a focus in intentional awareness. Flex Yoga Wooster found Levi. In August 2016 Levi received his 200hr RYT certificate. Levi now teaches yoga full-time. He loves to develop creative and challenging sequences that help students recognize stiffness and/or openness in their own bodies and minds. His goal is to give his students the tools they need to further their own yoga practice and improve self awareness. You can check out Levi’s website and IG @dreadfulyogi

Patrick Voegelin

Pat's serious practice began in 2012 in an effort to help a friend struggling with substance abuse issues. He was quickly drawn to the feeling of his spirit being lifted through practicing asanas (poses) as well as meditation. In late 2017 he decided to make a major change and quit his job in Washington DC and went to Florida to get his 200 hour teacher training in January of 2018. Since then he has been teaching, practicing, and loving life around Pittsburgh. If he's not doing yoga you can catch him practicing Jiu Jitsu or bouldering around ASCEND.

Rachel Dobos

Rachel was welcomed into the loving acro community in 2015. She was drawn in by the thrill of partner work and the excitement of being upside down. In 2017, she became a founding member of Steel City Slackers, a local resource for all things slacklining. Later that year, she joined the Acro Revolution family. You can catch Rachel hanging on a slackline around town, or see her do handstands on friends at her IG @rach.dobos

Rocky Rudov

Rocky completed her 200-hour yoga training, followed by a 6 month apprenticeship and 30 hour in-depth restorative yoga training, at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans, LA. Rocky loves teaching with props and blends mindful strength training and explorative movement with restorative poses and time for stillness. In addition to yoga, Rocky is also trained in the practices of transcendental meditation and Reiki. She encourages students with questions or comments about any of these practices to reach out to her!

Sarah Hall

Since discovering yoga in 2009, Sarah has been on a path of curious exploration and intriguing discoveries and loves sharing the journey with her students. While instantly drawn to the therapeutic alignment of Iyengar yoga, she pulls inspiration for her classes from various styles weaving breath work, meditation, humor, and space into the physical practice. She received her 200-hour training at Schoolhouse Yoga and completed a specialized prenatal training with Amala School of Prenatal Yoga in Chicago. Sarah believes students shouldn’t have to fit the yoga, yoga should fit the student, and thus her goal for each class is to create space for students to cultivate and realize their own strengths and intentions, and to feel more united with the wisest parts of themselves.

Vahid Vahdat

Vahid is an engineer by day. By night, he performs partner acrobatics. His practice began as a hobby in 2013. When he realized he was truly in love with acro, he joined the performance groups ThaCrowBats and Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative. Now, Vahid performs regularly at various events and venues around Pittsburgh, including the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Vahid loves acrobatics because it brings strength, flexibility, and focus to the mind and body. More importantly, it teaches you to empathize with, understand, and appreciate your acrobatic partner, both physically and emotionally.