ASCEND + Transcend

Effective Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Transcend Bouldering Lounge is ASCEND Youngstown! All ASCEND Youngstown customers will have to complete a new waiver. Save time during your next visit and complete it now HERE.

Transcend Bouldering Lounge (TBL) opened its doors in March of 2019 and has been growing an engaged climbing community ever since. During the relatively short time that TBL has been operating, owner, Paul Democko, has been eager to provide more for the Youngstown climbing community. Over the summer, TBL approached ASCEND to explore a meaningful acquisition, with the central goal of providing resources to offer additional programming, facility additions, amenities, events, and other services.

To learn more about ASCEND, please go HERE.


In early 2018, a close group of climbing friends realized that their hometown of Youngstown, Ohio needed a climbing gym, so, in November of 2018, they began construction to make that happen. On March 22, 2019, Transcend Bouldering Lounge opened its doors to the public and Youngstown has been climbing ever since!

In the past 7 months, everything was going well, but TBL had a small dilemma. Running a gym and balancing their private lives proved to be a challenge. As a result, TBL began to seek creative opportunities to grow the community and offer more to its members. Knowing of ASCEND in Pittsburgh and its positive reputation as a climbing gym operator and since ASCEND was already looking to expand, TBL believed that they would be the perfect operators. After months of talking and having meetings, everything started to become a reality.

Therefore, starting in November of 2019, TBL will be apart of the ASCEND Family. Even though Paul Democko will no longer be the owner, he will remain as an ASCEND Youngstown manager. This is also true of the majority of the current staff members. Being a part of the ASCEND community means that there will be better problems to climb and more resources for our members. We hope that all of you are excited as we are to Ascend into the future!

Since opening our doors in Pittsburgh’s South Side in March of 2017, we have set our sights on serving the growing climbing community. While the greater Pittsburgh area has been ASCEND’s primary focus, the encompassing rust belt region is a part of our cultural fabric. Youngstown, Ohio is not only an hour’s drive away from the center of Pittsburgh, but many of our active climbers live central to both cities! Expanding ASCEND’s footprint is very important to us, but doing so with intent and care is our top priority.

Our mission reads: ASCEND fosters a holistic, community-based, climbing and fitness experience. With this in mind, it was of paramount importance for us to understand how this transition will impact customers and employees, how we maintain the level of service established in Pittsburgh, and how we thoughtfully engage all of the stakeholders to make this feel right. Needless to say, we’ve got you all on our minds, and we are dedicated to assembling this puzzle so that all the pieces fit properly and result in an image worth a thousand words.

Find Your Summit in the City - our company tagline - has always embodied how we approach our business and our passion. Take from it what you wish, but to us it means that no matter what situation you find yourself in, seek a holistic path toward personal success. We hope this speaks to our new community in Youngstown as it has in Pittsburgh.

So please, we ask you to raise your chalk bags and celebrate all of the amazing people trAnSCENDing to find their summits in Youngstown. Truly, and from the bottom of our hearts, we welcome the Youngstown community into the ASCEND community with open crash pads!

What to Expect

We understand that you may have some questions about how this transition will affect you. Our goal is to keep things simple and to impact your current situation as little as possible. Here's what you need to know.

  • Rates: In order to seek consistency across all ASCEND facilities, some rates and offerings will change.
    • Current TBL EFT membership rates will be locked in for the time being, including couples and family rates. However, as we work to improve the facility and included benefits, customers will eventually experience consistent pricing across all ASCEND facilities. A minimum of 60 days will be provided to alert members of any membership pricing changes and will not be done without careful consideration.
    • ASCEND bills on the 1st of the month, not the 15th. Current TBL EFT members will be billed for a pro-rated half month on November 15 and then again for a full month on December 1.
    • Starting December 1, 2019, all new EFT memberships will be $64/mo. which is consistent with our pricing in Pittsburgh. This means that anyone starting an EFT membership now through November 30, 2019, will also be temporarily locked in to the $55/mo. pricing.
    • ASCEND Pittsburgh rates will be unaffected.
    • For all other pricing questions, please see the rates section below.
  • Global Membership: Starting December 1, 2019, ASCEND members can visit any facility for no extra charge! Please note that your membership is held and managed at the local facility where you became a member. Additionally, Punch Pass holders will be able to use their punches at both locations.
  • Facilities Waivers: All ASCEND Youngstown customers must complete a new waiver, which can be done in store, or HERE.
  • Added Services: In short order, we aim to add to the retail shop and offer yoga, fitness, climbing, and youth classes. These services are at the core of this transition and will be phased in as quickly as possible, so you may start taking full advantage of your membership!
  • New Website: Look forward to a new and improved and fully integrated website, targeted for early 2020.
  • Patience and Understanding: We ask for your patience while the initial transition takes place. Changing our signage, merging our customer databases, phasing in added services, and merging systems may come with some kinks, so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.
ASCEND Youngstown Rates

Rates and related information below will go into effect on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. Until then, please refer to

Day Passes

A Day Pass at ASCEND Youngstown includes unlimited climbing. If you are bringing a group of 5 or more kids, you must make a reservation, as ASCEND Coaches need to be present in many instances.

  • Adult Day Pass $16
  • Youth Day Pass $11
  • 10 Punch Pass $144
  • Unlimited climbing
  • Unlimited fitness classes
  • Unlimited yoga classes
  • 10% off in retail shop**

*$74/mo. if not auto-renewing (EFT). A $5 setup fee will be applied to prorated EFT dues. Effective Dec. 1, 2019, new EFT membership rates will be $64/mo.
**Exclusions apply.

Rental Prices

A complete line of rental equipment will be maintained for exclusive use inside the facility. This ensures that you can climb with the proper equipment if you do not own gear or if you are visiting. If this is your first visit to ASCEND, shoes are on us!

  • Climbing Shoes $4
  • Chalk Bag $1
Account Management

Managing your account is painless and easy. Just stop on in or give us a call and let us know what you need to update and we'll take care of the rest.

Additional Pricing Information
  • Day Pass is good for literally the ENTIRE DAY, but only at the facility where it is purchased!
  • ASCEND members are permitted (and encouraged!) to bring guests who have never been to any ASCEND before for FREE! Just one person per day, please.
  • Affiliate Discounts: ASCEND is happy to offer a 10% discount on memberships, adult day passes, and 10-punch passes to the following groups: college students, seniors (60+), public safety (military, law enforcement, fire, etc), ECPSWPACCAMRGAMGAPCGIAACAccess FundVenture OutdoorsBike PGH, and the National Ski Patrol. Discount will be applied once proof of affiliation has been shown to a staff member in-store at ASCEND and cannot be retroactively applied to dues already billed to your account. Discounts DO NOT apply to prorated EFT dues!
  • Family Memberships: As long as one parent or guardian has a membership, each youth (17 and under) is just $40 a month.
  • Youth Pricing (17 & under): $11 day pass and 10% off of membership
  • Climbing Gym Employee Discount: Do you work at another climbing gym? Get a Day Pass or Prepaid Membership at a discount. All we ask is that you demonstrate reasonable proof and give us a high-five!
  • 10-Punch passes are non-transferrable, but you are able to use the passes to treat family and friends to a day of climbing if they accompany you! Starting December 1, 2019, punches may be redeemed at all locations.
  • How do auto-renewing (EFT) memberships work? Dues are automatically deducted from your checking account or billed to your credit card each month. Dues, no more than one month at a time and no more than one month in advance, can be prepaid cash, credit, or gift card, but at the non-EFT membership rate. For an auto-renewing membership to be cancelled or frozen, you must inform us at least 1 day prior (24 hours or more) to the next billing date (we bill on the 1st of each month).
  • May I place my membership on hold? Absolutely - ASCEND Pittsburgh allows EFT Members to freeze their memberships. Freezes must start on the first day of the month and thaws must occur on the last day of a month. To freeze your membership, you must submit this form at least 1 day prior (24 hours or more) to the freeze date to ensure that you will not be billed for the next month. You must also indicate a thaw date, which is the date on which you want EFT billing to restart, and this date may only be at most 12 months in the future. Upon restarting a frozen membership, the membership will continue through at least the end of the next month following that date. It then continues indefinitely until cancelled or changed.
About ASCEND Youngstown

ASCEND Youngstown is a community hub for new and experienced climbers alike. We provide a gathering place where your climbing friends become your family and your family feels like home. Our goal is to make you feel welcomed so you're able to challenge yourself physically and mentally. Our facility offers 3,000 square feet of bouldering, with a wall height of 16'. With over 80 problems on a regular rotation set by professional routesetters, you will always find something to challenge yourself on. We look forward to being a part of the growing climbing community in Northeast Ohio, Pittsburgh, and beyond. Come on down and check us out!

I have never climbed before. What do I need to know?
  • All visitors must have a valid waiver on file, even if you're just spectating.
  • No matter your level of experience, our staff will get you climbing within minutes of your arrival.
  • Athletic clothing is advised, but you’ll see climbers in jeans too! Climbing shoes are required, but if you don’t have your own pair, we have them to rent. If this is your first visit to ASCEND, shoes are on us!
  • We have free onsite parking.
Are there any age restrictions or requirements at your facility?

There are no age restrictions to climb, however, climbers 13 and under must be directly supervised by an adult. Please reference the Rules and Etiquette below. Note: Groups of five or more youth participants (17 & under) must make a reservation. In many instances, we require ASCEND Coaches to be present during youth groups.

Do you have a retail store?

ASCEND’s retail store is regularly stocked with soft and hard goods from the industry’s leading brands. Offerings may vary, but you can always expect a wide range of climbing shoes, chalk and chalk bags, brushes, crash pads, harnesses, ropes, draws, carabiners, belay devices and other accessories. Consult with any of ASCEND’s knowledgeable staff members for advice, to check on availability, or to place a special order.

Anything else I should keep in mind?

Rock climbing is inherently dangerous and we have some rules and etiquette for you to take note of in order to help minimize the risks and maximize the fun.

Rules?! There are no rules in climbing, right? Well kind of. So here are ASCEND's:

  • Food, beverages, and sharp objects must stay off the bouldering pads.
  • Street shoes and bare feet are not permitted on climbing walls.
  • Sober climbing is the best climbing - do not climb while intoxicated.
  • All climbers and visitors must complete a liability waiver before entering ASCEND.
  • Climbers 13 and under must be directly supervised by an adult.
  • Climbing shoes are not permitted in the bathrooms. Gross!
  • Climbing flooring is for falling - not walking, sitting, or horsing around.
  • Use caution when using the climbing walls and equipment - this is not a jungle gym!

Etiquette schmettiquette! But seriously, let's keep everyone happy and healthy.

  • This is a safe space. Everyone deserves respect and compassion.
  • Pay attention! Other climbers may be above you or waiting to climb behind you.
  • Shirts are required - we promise to keep it cool.
  • Only spot when asked and/or trained to do so.
  • Politely ask before telling someone how to climb - figuring out the beta is half the challenge!
  • Gender does not determine skill or strength. Don't assume.
  • Keep your wet and muddy shoes away from the climbing areas.
  • Chalk belongs in your bag and on your hands.

Youth Rules and Tips: Kids LOVE and EXCEL at climbing, especially bouldering. Unfortunately, they sometimes view it as a jungle gym when in reality it is quite the opposite! We want kids to have fun, but our guests' safety is our top-priority. This is why we will strictly enforce the DIRECT SUPERVISION of any kids 13 and under. While supervising, please remember the following rules. Please help us take safety seriously.

  • No running on or off the pads, but especially on the pads.
  • Pads are only for climbing and falling on. Do not jump around, chase anyone, or perform gymnastics.
  • Approach the intended climb from directly in front of the start. Do not walk on the pads to your next climb. Simply said, get on, climb, then get off.
  • Give other climbers at least 15 feet of space and only one climber per route.
  • Keep chalk socks inside chalk bags. Never throw chalk socks or anything else.
  • NEVER walk underneath a climber. This could result in injury or death and is the most important thing that you will read on this entire website!

Failure to adhere to the Rules & Etiquette of ASCEND can lead to the suspension of climbing and facility access privileges.