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Event Contact

To start your group booking or to request more information, please fill in as much information as possible in the fields below and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. Once we've received your request, an ASCEND Event Planner will work to confirm your hopeful date and time, and/or answer any questions you might have. Once availability is confirmed, you will receive a new link that will direct you to the payment and booking page, where you will complete your reservation. Please note that your reservation is not officially booked until your deposit has been accepted. 

*If you are using this form for more information about ASCEND's Parties and Groups, and do not have exact times and dates, please enter any numbers and note in your comments that they are stand-in values. 

Numeric entry only e.g. 4129874433
Please reference available dates and times. Booking certain events outside of these times could incur additional charges.