Climbing & Fitness Classes

ASCEND offers a wide range of climbing and fitness classes to help you achieve your goals and stay safe and injury free. These technique and skill focused classes are designed to introduce you to basic and advanced cross-training techniques, take your climbing to the next level, or teach and reinforce proper systems for improving your safety knowledge. Experienced staff will guide you through well-designed classes that will be physically and mentally engaging.

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Class Pricing

If you have Day Pass, Basic Membership, or 10-Punch Pass and you're interested in taking a Climbing or Fitness Class, just drop in for $6. Better yet, go get yourself a Premium Membership for unlimited climbing, yoga, and climbing and fitness classes, along with some pretty awesome perks.

Call or stop at the front desk to register - classes operate on a first come first serve basis, so get in early and feel great later.

Personal Training

Personal Training at ASCEND includes everything from classic fitness training to climbing coaching, all designed for YOU in a 1-on-1 setting. Whether you'd like to send V10, get in shape for epic hikes, or recover from/prevent injury, we got you. Meet with a trainer, discuss your goals, and be on your way to your next challenge. Pricing will vary depending on your needs. To get started, please email [email protected].

Meet Your Instructors
Sara Middleton

A lifelong athlete with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, Sara has a passion for fitness and the outdoors, as well as providing a supportive and informational foundation for her clients. Her personal motivation within the world of fitness is the desire and discovery of being “more.” Be more fit. Lift more weight. Do more activities with your family and friends. The process of fitness and the discovery of “more” can propel an individual to be successful in and out of the gym. For Sara, climbing is an escape from typical gyms.

Christine Biegert

Christine has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology with training experience ranging from collegiate athletes to new exercisers. Her personal philosophy with exercise, and movement in general, is quality over quantity. While training load is important, she prioritizes the long game and getting the most out of every movement. Her love of coaching come from a desire to see others succeed. She is always looking for an opportunity to teach and learn from those around her.  While she is new to climbing she is excited about what this new sport has to offer for her!

Brian Janaszek

Brian is a slightly above average climber who has been trying to get better for 20 years. If you've read about a climbing training program, he has probably tried it, starting with Dale Goddard's Performance Rock Climbing and running through Steve Bechtel's Climb Strong programs. He has always dreamed of training at the Sheffield School Room with Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon. He believes that climbing is a high-skill sport (think tennis rather than weight lifting), and that climbers benefit from skill-specific training in addition to strength training.