Climbing Classes

ASCEND offers a wide range of climbing classes to help you achieve your goals through proven techniques. These technique and skill focused classes are designed to take your climbing to the next level and teach and reinforce proper systems for improving your safety knowledge. Experienced staff will guide you through well-designed classes that will be physically and mentally engaging.

Brand new climber? We're super excited to announce ASCEND:101, a 4 week intro to climbing course. An instructor will cover climbing technique, lingo, bouldering, top-roping, belaying, training for climbing, and more! See below for more details!

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Check out the below schedule for climbing classes and other climbing related programming. Remember: you can always just drop in and climb any time ASCEND is open!

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If you are interested in climbing classes or other climbing programming, click on the links in the above calendar to book online or stop at the front desk to register. Classes operate on a first come first serve basis, so get in early and feel great later.

Climbing 101

Everyone has to start somewhere! Let our team show you how to get started and how to stay on track.

ADULT CLIMBING 101: A 4-week session designed to introduce a brand-new climber to the indoor adaptation of the sport. An instructor will cover climbing technique, lingo, bouldering, top-roping, belaying, training for climbing, and more! While anyone is welcome to join, this broad, introductory course was developed with beginner climbers in mind to give them the confidence needed to have fun, be safe, and make friends in the gym.

Duration: Sessions start on the first Wednesday of each , 6p-8p (attending all classes is strongly recommended).

Price: $150


  • Four, 2-hour sessions of small group instruction (6 students max).
  • Membership for the calendar month the sessions are held.
  • Rental gear for entire month.
  • 10% off in ASCEND retail shop.


YOUTH CLIMBING 101: A 4-week session designed to introduce a child to the sport of indoor climbing. An instructor will cover basic gym safety, etiquette, bouldering, auto-belay climbing, technique, lingo, and more! Kids aged 6-13 are welcome to join this introductory course, developed to give the confidence needed to have fun, be safe, and make friends in the gym! If a child is interested in joining the A-Team, this is the place to start!

Duration: Sessions begin on the first Saturday each month. 10a-11:30a (attending all classes is strongly recommended).

Price: $80 per month (rental gear included on session days)



Climbing competitions? Yep - they're a thing and we host them! Head on over to our blog  to learn more about what's coming up.

Climbing Coaching

 Personal Training at ASCEND includes everything from classic fitness training to climbing coaching, all designed for YOU in a 1-on-1 setting. Whether you'd like to send V10, get in shape for epic hikes, or recover from/prevent injury, we got you. Meet with a trainer, discuss your goals, and be on your way to your next challenge. Pricing will vary depending on your needs. To get started, please email [email protected].


Todd McCormick

Todd was introduced to climbing through the Boy Scouts but started getting more serious about it when he started at the University of Pittsburgh in 2004. Since then he has gained experience with route setting, guiding, coaching, and outdoor retail. He is passionate about traveling and loves exploring new areas through climbing. He's traveled extensively throughout the country primarily for sport climbing and bouldering. He is also an avid ultra runner, and he loves talking about pretty much anything running/climbing related.

Matthew Tschippert

Matthew has been competing at climbing competitions for as long as he has been climbing. Starting in 2009, he was drawn to the sport after a long career in swimming. In addition to competing nationally, Matt has also traveled and climbed a number of hard boulder problems outside, including the classic Hueco Tanks problems "Power of Silence" and "Power of Landjager". Currently, he has an affinity for route setting & sharing his climbing vision through coaching. 

Brian Janaszek

Brian is a slightly above average climber who has been trying to get better for 20 years. If you've read about a climbing training program, he has probably tried it, starting with Dale Goddard's Performance Rock Climbing and running through Steve Bechtel's Climb Strong programs. He has always dreamed of training at the Sheffield School Room with Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon. He believes that climbing is a high-skill sport (think tennis rather than weight lifting), and that climbers benefit from skill-specific training in addition to strength training.

Maria Rose

Maria Rose is relatively new to the climbing scene, having first started while living in northern Thailand. The majority of her time was spent sport climbing on the walls of the Crazy Horse crag outside of Chiang Mai, and deep water soloing in Krabi. (This has made her very spoiled to climbing in perpetual sunshine.) Maria is also a competitive runner, running track and cross country from middle school through college, setting pole vault records in college, and training with the Thai national track team. She is passionate about seeing female athletes and athletes of color receive more recognition in the climbing scene, and hopes to make the sport more accessible to Pittsburgh's communities through coaching and conversations that challenge stereotypes of who belongs outdoors.

Nate Williams

Nate brings 7 years of climbing experience and over 10 years of various coaching experience to the ASCEND coaching staff. He gained most of his climbing knowledge while living Nashville and climbing at his favorite spots such as Little Rock City and Stone Fort but he now calls Pittsburgh home. Nate really, really hates slopers.