Climbing Classes

ASCEND offers a wide range of climbing specific classes to help you achieve your goals. These technique and skill focused classes are designed to introduce you to climbing at ASCEND, take your climbing to the next level, or teach and reinforce proper systems for improving your safety knowledge. Experienced staff will guide you through well-designed classes that will be physically and mentally engaging.

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions
Introduction to Bouldering (Beginners)

Take your newfound skills above and beyond the safety walkthrough that all customers must go through on their first day. This course will detail types of equipment, types of holds, useful techniques, climbing etiquette, and more! We will tailer this course as needed.

This class is free and there is maximum of 5 people per class. First come first serve and you must register at the front desk or call ahead.

Introduction to Auto-Belays (Beginners)

Want to learn how to climb with an auto-belay? This introductory course will teach you safely clip in and climb on your very first day. No need for a partner or previous experience.

This class is free and is offered throughout the day.

Introduction to Top-Roping (Beginners)

Want to learn how to climb on our top-roping wall? This introductory course will teach you how to tie your knots and how to belay so that you and your friends/family can enjoy roped climbing together.

This 1-hour class is $35 and includes your day pass, so if you're already a member it's only $19. There is maximum of 4 people per class. First come first serve and you must register at the front desk or call ahead. If our scheduled times don't work for you, just call to make a special reservation, but there must be at least 2 people in your party.

ASCEND-Learn: Instructional Program for Climbers (All Abilities)

So you're now hooked on climbing and you want to learn how to improve? ASCEND-Learn is a weekly class that will offer a variety of rotating topics rooted in climbing fundamentals and technique. Topics include: topping out, route reading, technique (heel/toe hooking, drop knee), pushing grades, and more.

Not available yet.

ASCEND-Train: Fitness Training Program for Climbers (All Abilities)

Wondering how to best use ASCEND’s state-of-the-art training area to break into new grades? ASCEND-Train consists of one or two instructors working with a group of participants on topics like: exercise, cardio, flexibility, power, endurance, and power endurance.

Check out our Fitness page for more.

Personal Training (All Abilities)

Looking for a more focused one-on-one training session? ASCEND offers personal training to individuals or to small groups to help you create and follow a personalized training plan.

Check out our Fitness page for more.

Advanced Rope Skills

Ready to take your skills outside? When climbing, safety comes first. This course is customizable and can be taught in multiple sections depending on the needs of the group. Topics that can be covered are: additional climbing knots, anchor building techniques, cleaning routes, rappelling, and common rescue scenarios. Register in advance to secure a spot in this limited availability course.

Not available yet.

Rules & Etiquette

Rules?! There are no rules in climbing, right? Well kind of. So here are ASCEND's:

  • Food, beverages, and sharp objects must stay off the bouldering pads.
  • Street shoes and bare feet are not permitted on climbing walls.
  • Shirts are required - we promise to keep it cool.
  • Sober climbing is the best climbing - do not climb while intoxicated.
  • All climbers and visitors must complete a liability waiver before entering ASCEND.
  • Climbers 13 and under must be directly supervised by an adult.
  • You must be at least 14 to be in the fitness and training areas or to take a regularly scheduled yoga class.
  • There is only one wall you can end up on the top of: the top-out wall!.
  • Belaying requires approval from ASCEND staff.
  • Climbing shoes are not permitted in the bathrooms. Gross!
  • Climbing flooring is for falling - not walking, sitting or horsing around.
  • Use caution when using the climbing walls and fitness equipment - this is not a jungle gym!

Etiquette schmettiquette! But seriously, let's keep everyone happy and healthy.

  • This is a safe space. Everyone deserves respect and compassion.
  • Pay attention! Other climbers may be above you or waiting to climb behind you.
  • Only spot when asked and/or trained to do so.
  • Politely ask before telling someone how to climb - figuring out the beta is half the challenge!
  • Gender does not determine skill or strength. Don't assume.
  • Keep your wet and muddy shoes away from the climbing areas.
  • Chalk belongs in your bag and on your hands.
  • Clean up after yourself - put away fitness equipment - wipe down machines.

Please keep in mind: Failure to adhere to the Rules & Etiquette of ASCEND can lead to the suspension of climbing and facility access privileges.


Routesetting is of utmost importance at ASCEND. We strive to create routes that allow climbers of every ability and body type to thrive in the gym. The routesetting program focuses on creating a gym experience that is enjoyable for the first time climber as well as nurturing the growth of experienced climbers in terms of strength, technique, and confidence.

Boulder problems will be stripped and reset on an ongoing basis with the entire gym being reset over a 6-8 week period. There will always be something new for our members to be excited about.

There will be a diversity of holds purchased from the top hold producers and a diversity of hold types (crimps, slopers, jugs, etc.) as well. Holds that are awkward or painful will be avoided and setters will create climbs that are fun, safe, challenging, and comfortable to climb. The varying terrain of the gym will allow for many different types of movement and the addition of volumes will increase that variability as well.