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Rain Barrel Workshop

Why was it raining pennies? --- Because there was a CHANGE in the weather! 

While the weather is getting warmer in Pittsburgh, we predict that we will still see quite a few raindrops in our neighborhood. Rainy days can be gray, dreary, and, well - wet, but that doesn't mean we can't benefit! 

All joking aside, you are here to read about a very serious and important topic: Water pollution and how you can reduce it by using a rain barrel.

Join the Pennsylvania Resources Council and ASCEND on June 2nd to learn what the heck a rain barrel is and how to use it. Did you know that you can use collected rainwater to water your garden or wash your bike? You'll even get an added bonus: saving money on your water bill each month! In addition to these fun facts, you will also learn about our local watershed and how we can help conserve the land around our waterways.  "Why is this important?" you might ask. Using a rain barrel helps to alleviate some of the stormwater management and water pollution problems that plague this region. The workshop’s main focus is on things that we can all do in and around the home to reduce our impact on our waterways(nonpoint source pollution).

But wait, there's more!
You'll even recieve your very own FreeGarden RAIN 55-gallon rain barrel
(We did some web searching and found the same barrel for over $100. We smell petrichor* and a good deal!)

Let's get down to the barrel business:  

WHERE: ASCEND Pittsburgh - 2141 Mary Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
TIME: 10:30a-12p

Pre-registration is required.

ASCEND Members: $70 ($75 per couple)
Member discount provided by a subsidy from ASCEND.

Non-Members: $80 ($85 per couple) + Free ASCEND Day Pass


Not feeling the web? Call 412-488-7490 ext. 226 


PRC is Pennsylvania’s oldest grassroots environmental organization. Since 1939 they have worked to protect the Commonwealth’s resources for future generations through environmental education, recycling and waste diversion programs, anti-litter campaigns and much more. Vist:

*Petrichor: The smell that lingers when rain falls after a prolonged dry spell. The term was coined in 1964 by two Australian scientists studying the smells of wet weather — is derived from a pair of chemical reactions.