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Membruary 2019










Mem-bru-ary: n. The second calendar month of the year; ASCEND’s Member Appreciation Month.

Our member family has grown faster than a weed over the past two years! What's a better way to say "Thank You" to every one of you, than to have a WHOLE MONTH dedicated to you?!

Membruary will take place from February 1st to February 28th. Activities of appreciation include: member challenges, surprise pop-ups, and a members-only party! Now let's get down to the nitty gritty.


There will be three ongoing Member Challenges throughout the month of MEMBRUARY! The challenges are the Check-In Challenge, Bouldering Challenge, and the Rope Wall Challenge. These challenges will be cumulative for the whole month, but we'll post weekly leaderboards, so you can get a sense of where you are in the pack. At the end of the month, prizes will be awarded to the top three members in each challenge and one lucky member will win the GOLDEN EGG prize. To be eligile to win the GOLDEN EGG, all you need to do is check-in at least one time during the month of February, but the more points you accrue overall, the higher your chances become!

Check-In Challenge
This one is simple - scan your member card at ASCEND and you get credit for your visit. You will accrue additional credit if you take a Fitness or Yoga class. Our computer system will tally all of your points for this one, so there is no manual entry of point tracking on your end of things.

Check-In to ASCEND: 1 Point
Take a Fitness or Yoga Class: 1 Additional Point

Example: A member checks-in to climb, and decides they want to take a Fitness and a Yoga class. The points are as follows:

Check-In: 1 Point
Fitness Class: 1 Point
Yoga Class: 1 Point
Total: 3 Points to Gryffindor for the Check-In Challenge today!

The Check-In Challenge is the easiest way to accrue points - just do your normal thing and maybe add in a few classes for funsies (and more points).

Bouldering Challenge

Not too into Fitness or Yoga, but like to let loose on the boulders? This challenge is for you! The goal of this challenge is to climb hard all month long to improve your baseline circuit. Competitors will optionally submit their name & baseline circuit color via an online form to enter the challenge. Your baseline circuit grade (same for the whole month) is the color of the circuit that you can send most consistently in 1 to 4 tries. This is based on the honor system, so play fair! At the end of every session, you will revisit the form below, enter your name, baseline, the number of problems you climbed and which grades they were. In order to make the playing field more equal, sends will be weighted depending on the baseline ciruit color of the climber. The weights will be calculated and applied automatically each week via our tracking spreadsheet. Repeat sends count, so go ahead and lap as many problems as you like!

Example: A member with a baseline of Yellow Circuit, will get more points for climbing a Blue Circuit than someone with a baseline of Blue Circuit. Basically, if you send a circuit at your baseline you get 1 point, if you send a circuit just above your baseline you get 1.1 points (if you send a problem in a circuit that's two colors higher that your baseline, you'd get 1.2 points) and if you send a circuit below your baseline you get .9 points (if you send a problem in a circuit that's two color below your baseline, you'd get .8 points). You don't lose points if you send a problem in a circuit below your baseline, you just don't get a full point. Remember, repeat sends do count!


Rope Wall Challenge

Last, but not least, we have our Rope Wall Challenge for those who like to push their vertical limits. The goal of this challenge is simple - be the member who climbs the most vertical feet in the month of February. Similar to the Bouldering Challenge, members will optionally submit their information via a webform to enter the challenge and for tracking of vertical feet per visit. Both auto-belays and top-rope routes count. Grades have no weight into vertical feet, so there's no need to dial up the difficulty!

Ascent: 25 vertical feet
Descent (Down Climb): 25 vertical feet

Example: Member A climbs up four top-rope routes and down climbs three of them. Member A will enter 175 vertical feet of climbing for the day in the online form. Member B climbs up four auto-belay routes, and down climbs all of them. Member B will enter 200 vertical feet of climbing for the day in the online form.

Member A:
4 Rope Routes at 25 vertical feet each: 100 vertical feet
3 Down Climbs at 25 vertical feet each: 75 vertical feet
Total: 175 vertical feet

Member B:
4 Auto-Belay Routes at 25 vertical feet each: 100 vertical feet
4 Down Climbs at 25 vertical feet each: 100 vertical feet
Total: 200 vertical feet



Be on your toes this month, because we are planning random pop-ups of giveaways and activities. Be sure to be watching our Instagram and Facebook pages for pop-up announcements, as they will only be revealed a short time before the pop-up begins. Keep your channels tuned to our social media in the month of February! Use the hashtag #membruary in your social media posts and you just might see your post shared on our feed!


We will celebrate the end of Membruary by hosting a Members-Only Climbing + Pizza Party on March 2nd from 8p-11p!

Since we have limited capacity and can't let every member in at the same time, the top challenge competitors will get first dibs on their Golden Ticket for entry, so hit the ground running on February 1st. Top competitors will receive an email on February 23rd with their official invite to the Grand Finale Party! Those folks will have to pick up their Golden Ticket from February 24th to February 28th. Any left over Golden Tickets will be given out first come, first served to any member who participated in the Membruary fun or not.

Winners and prizes for the Member Challenges will be awarded at the party. Get out your Members Only jackets and be ready to feast on pizza!


Check-In Challenge:
1st place: 3 Months of Membership
2nd place: 2 Months of Membership
3rd place: 1 Month of Membership

Bouldering Challenge:
1st place: Crash Pad
2nd place: Climbing Shoes
3rd place: 2 Hours of 1 on 1 Coaching (Fitness, Climbing, or Yoga)

Rope Wall Challenge:
1st place: Climbing Rope
2nd place: Climbing Shoes
3rd place: 2 Hours of 1 on 1 Coaching (Fitness, Climbing, or Yoga)

GOLDEN EGG: 1 YEAR OF MEMBERSHIP will be awarded to one lucky member!

*Membership prizes will begin on April 1 and cannot be frozen or transferred.

Got questions? Contact our front desk in person, by phone, or by emailing [email protected].